31 Jul 18

When to start searching for a home to rent in London

Have you ever wondered how some expatriates can move to a new city, a new country and somehow seem as if they were a local? 🤔

You’re not alone.

The secret that few expats really understand is that knowledge is key 🗝️ 🤓 One of the most significant challenges expats face when they move to a new city is knowing when to start searching for a home to rent, so let’s give you that knowledge.

Our Homies, the London rental experts, have done their research and according to our data, the ideal time to start searching for a home to rent in London is anywhere from 4-6 weeks ahead of the planned move date.

4-6 weeks seems a little late, right?

The reason comes down to two main factors.

🤑 Landlords may lose money if they commit too early

  • Even though you may want to have your place secured months in advance, most landlords do not want to tie themselves into a deal. The London housing market is fast-moving, so it is not a significant risk for landlords to wait to find a tenant. Especially when waiting means they might earn more money in the long-run.

📄Expat documentation takes time

  • The documentation process for expats may take a little longer than expected if you’re coming from abroad, start looking too late and you may find yourself with not enough time to find a perfect home.

Although, even if your move date is further than 6 weeks in the future, there is still plenty you can be doing! For example, you could be:

✅ Creating your moving to London checklist

🗺️ Familiarising yourself with the areas of London!

👓 Reading articles on your favourite ‘moving to London’ blog

Just remember, aim to start your searching for a home around 6 weeks before your move date and you will save yourself a lot of time and effort, but start too late, and you may end up with one expensive hotel bill on your hands 💰💰


Moving countries can be a stressful experience, but there is a better way. Imagine using a local expert who knows the market and can really help to streamline the whole process; moving to London no longer needs to be stressful.

Next time, we will be telling you why it is so important to attend a viewing of the house, but also what you can do if you can’t.

Got any questions? Simply visit our help centre or asks us on the chat!


John is a Marketing Executive at Homie. He is passionate about copywriting and, equipped with his skateboard wants to make renting in London a roll in the park.

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