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Homie aims to provide a premium renting experience for both the tenant and the agent.

From the renter’s perspective, their journey is simplified and enhanced. In turn, estate agents enjoy a regular supply of applicants who are completely up to speed on what is required of them.

Working with Homie gives you a faster turnover of applicants, improving efficiency.

Agents offering

Save time and effort
We are the renter’s point of contact for questions and advice, and even transport them between viewings. All you need to do is let us in.

You receive regular, qualified applicants
This supplements your existing workflow, increasing agency efficiency and helping you surpass branch targets.

Our renters are ready to move in
Once you receive an offer, they are fully prepared with all the necessary documentation. Whether it’s a student’s acceptance letter, holding deposit or details of their guarantor.

Your service is optimised
With an additional layer of customer engagement and support, the positive experiences of applicants are reflected in our glowing reviews and ever-growing number of signups.


Save time chasing applicants. We will confirm all criteria and bring them to the doorstep.

How exactly does it work?

Step 1:  Applicants sign up and are qualified by their Homie. We work with every renter to help confirm criteria, search areas and budget.

Step 2: After the applicant has chosen which properties they would like to view, their Homie organises each viewing into a single tour.

Step 3: Once the applicant is ready to put forward an offer we connect them with the relevant estate agent, fully prepared and with all relevant documentation.

Step 4: The result is a regular supply of qualified applicants who are ready to move in. In exchange for this, we charge an introductory fee, adjusted to the value of the property.

Minimise the risk of drop-outs and no shows by adding another layer of qualification.

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